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John Horan

John Horan founded Sporting Goods Intelligence in 1984. He has over 30 years experience reporting on the sporting goods industry. A graduate of Princeton University, Mr. Horan started his career as a beat reporter for Fairchild Publications. He founded industry trade magazine SportStyle before leaving Fairchild to start SGI.








Jon Bogert

Jon Bogert joined Sporting Goods Intelligence in 1992 to manage the rapidly growing database, directory and market research side of the company. A graduate of The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, Mr. Bogert's background is in accounting and information systems. He launched The Sporting Goods Intelligence Directory in 1993, The SGI Database in 1995, SGI Market Facts in 1997, the On-line Archives in 1998 and currently splits his time between editorial and new product development.






Rob Maturo

Rob maintains our circulation list and makes sure you receive your issues of Sporting Goods Intelligence on time. E-mail him directly at rob@sginews.com



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